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Works on paper selected from a series created in response to 'Cantible Chamber Choir' programme which explored the theme of night. They were exhibited as part of a multi-disciplinary group show which took place at Studio 21, Mabgate,,Leeds, June 2017. 

This series of works were created in direct response to a particular aural experience, that of hearing voices singing together in a choir. Being immersed in the sound landscape created by this vocal harmony inspired new ways of working. In order to decribe this experience visually I developed a new process. Combining elements if two traditional techniques, Japanese ‘Sumanagashi’, and Turkish ‘Ebru’ I found a means to float ink on a fluid surface. Working with ink in this suspended state allowed me to generate patterns of movement which corresponded to the sounds of the choir. The resulting traces of ink on paper evoking a sense of voices merging and floating trough space.


The moon a spectral presence.

Voices suspended in the air. The rise and fall of sound ebbing and flowing across the silent landscape.

 A trace.

 Returns the night to quiet slumber.

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